Organic Pre-Rolls

Sapphire Farms offers a wide selection of organic Pre-Rolls, providing consumers with high-quality cannabis that’s ready to go when you are.

Our convenient, ready-to-use Pre-Rolls eliminate the hassle of rolling your own, while also allowing you to try a variety of strains with a single trip to the store.

Made with the highest quality of organic cannabis in the industry, our Pre-Rolls are the perfect combination of high THC and high Terpene profiles — allowing you to feel the full effects of every strain and are sure to be at the top of your list of favorites within the state of Michigan.

Learn more about which strains are included in our organic Pre-Roll lineup by checking out our Strain Library — and if you have any questions, reach out to us directly via email.

For licensed retailers interested in purchasing Sapphire Farms’ Pre-Rolls, visit our Retailer Purchasing page to get into contact with one of our Customer Relations Managers.

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