About Sapphire Farms

At Sapphire Farms, we are a family of down-to-earth farmers with our hands in the soil, cultivating Michigan’s premier organic, sun-grown cannabis.

In our hearts, and down to the roots, we are simple in our belief — provide people with trusted cannabis products they can feel confident in consuming.

Located in Southwest Michigan, our 60-acre farm is home to where we prepare our living soil, clone our mother plants, germinate new seeds, utilize sustainable cultivation practices, and complete the harvesting process of drying, curing, trimming, and packaging our ethically cultivated cannabis products.

We are proud to tout our Certified Kind membership, which is the highest recognition and certification amongst organic cultivators in the cannabis industry.

Whether you roll our Flower yourself or pop open a tube with one of our convenient organic Pre-Rolls, we know that you will taste, smell, and experience the difference.

Reach out for more information about Sapphire Farms and our organic cannabis products!

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