As one of the biggest organic cultivators of cannabis in Michigan, our team at Sapphire Farms prides itself on not only producing the best products — but by being transparent and as consumer-facing as we can!

We’ve seen firsthand by the influx of messages we receive that there are consumers wishing to learn more about our strains, organic cultivation methods, and products.

You can find answers to some of our more frequently asked questions below, which we will continue to update and add to as we continue to interact with the cannabis community.

We also encourage you to contact us directly if you have a question that does not appear below or would like to learn more about the Sapphire Farms brand. We look forward to hearing from you and providing you with the best organic cannabis in all of Michigan.

Cannabis Products

Q: Where Can I Purchase Sapphire Farms Products?

A:  Sapphire Farms is currently only sold in licensed dispensaries and provisioning centers across Michigan. To find a retailer carrying Sapphire Farms products near you, please visit our “Find Us” page.

For retail stores looking to carry Sapphire Farms products, please visit our Leaflink menu.

Q: What Cannabis Products Does Sapphire Farms Produce?

A:  Sapphire Farms is a cannabis cultivator that specializes in sun-grown flower products such as Bulk Flower (sold by licensed retailers in amounts such as grams, eighth-ounces, quarter-ounces, half-ounces, and ounces), Pre-Rolls made with 100% Flower, and Infused Pre-Rolls.

All of the flower grown at Sapphire Farms is organic and is grown with Certified Kind organic cultivation methods.

Sapphire Farms is also a producer of Leal products — the flagship brand within the Sapphire Farms family of brands.

Organic Farming

Q: How Many Harvests Do Sun-Grown Farms Yield Each Year?

A:  Sun-grown cannabis farms will yield one harvest each year; in comparison to indoor growing facilities that may yield multiple (and considerably smaller) harvests in a given calendar year.

Like other agricultural products, due to the nature of growing cannabis on a farm in the Midwest and utilizing Earth’s natural elements, a yearly harvest is the norm.

Q: Is Sapphire Farms an Organic Farm?

A:  Yes! Sapphire Farms is a 60-acre organic cannabis farm that maintains an active Certified Kind certification. This prestigious certification program holds farmers to the highest organic standards in the cultivation industry.

Our cannabis plants at Sapphire Farms are grown in 100-gallon pots filled with living soil and are maintained with organic cultivation practices to enhance soil fertility, while dealing with any unwanted pests using approved organic methods.

Cannabis Information

Q: What Are the Terpene Levels of Sun-Grown Cannabis?

A:  Like THC, Terpene levels are vary depending on seed and/or clone genetics, cultivation methods, soil type/blends, the level of expertise of the cultivators, and many other factors.

With that being said, sun-grown cannabis will typically see higher level of terpenes within its profile (when grown right) due to the plants’ exposure to the full spectrum of sunlight — in comparison to indoor cannabis receiving its light from artificial lighting.

Q: Why Are Terpenes Important in Cannabis?

A:  In addition to determining the flavor, aroma, and oftentimes color of cannabis plants, terpenes play an integral role in affecting the body alongside THC when they interact with our endocannabinoid system.

While THC can determine the intensity of the “high,” terpenes provide the effects a person may feel such as relaxation, focus, creativity, etc. This is similar to a person feeling a mood boost when walking through the forest, or a person feeling relaxed after inhaling Lavender (i.e., Linalool) via aromatherapy.

The combination of these effects alongside THC (and CBD) entering the bloodstream is what is called the “Entourage Effect.”

Q: What are Terpenes?

A:  Terpenes are the naturally occurring aromatic compounds that are found in flowers, herbs, and other greenery — including cannabis plants. In cannabis specifically, terpenes are produced in the trichomes of female plants and there are more than 100 distinct terpenes.

Each cannabis plant typically has a few dominant terpenes that make up most of the terpene profile, with additional terpenes existing in smaller, trace amounts. It is the combination of specific terpenes that determine the aroma and flavor of each plant and strain — as well as affecting the body when consumed.

Q: What Are the THC Levels of Sun-Grown Cannabis?

A:  THC Levels in cannabis vary depending on seed and/or clone genetics, cultivation methods, soil type/blends, the level of expertise of the cultivators, and many other factors.

At Sapphire Farms, a majority of our Flower products are tested above 20% THC — with some of our top genetics testing above 30% THC.

Q: Is Sun-Grown Cannabis More Sustainable Than Indoor Cannabis?

A:  Yes! Sun-grown farms harness the power of the sun and the natural environment it’s grown in (i.e., the full spectrum of the Sun, the Earth beneath our soil pots, natural airflow, beneficial insects, rainwater, etc.).

As a result, the cultivation of sun-grown cannabis does not use high-energy artificial lighting, dehumidifiers, and other ancillary machinery — which allows Sapphire Farms to grow its cannabis using the most sustainable production methods possible.

Reach out for more information about Sapphire Farms and our organic cannabis products!

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