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At Sapphire Farms, we are a family of down-to-earth farmers who got our start as early caregivers.

We are dedicated to growing strong, healthy plants across a variety of strains cloned from the very best mother plants we cultivate every growing season — ensuring we pass on only the highest quality of cannabis to our consumers.

Growing with THC and Terpene profile in mind, our cannabis plants benefit from growing in organic, living soil with the full-spectrum of the sun — resulting in a superior product for cannabis users and a healthier and ever-improved growing environment that is sustainable every year.

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Sapphire Farms specializes in creating premium Pre-Rolls made with organically grown flower.

Using the best genetics and organic cultivation methods, our Pre-Rolls are premade for you, so you always have a little bit of happiness on-hand for when you want it!


Our Flower

Organically grown Flower — what more could you ask for?

Our cannabis Flower is grown in living soil, using the best genetics for growing in Michigan, cultivated using Certified Kind methods, while harnessing the full spectrum of the sun.

This results in the most natural, organic Flower you can feel confident in consuming.

Find Us

You can find our organic cannabis products at licensed dispensaries throughout Michigan. Whether you’re looking for our organic Flower, Pre-Rolls or LEAL products — you can use our map to locate a dispensary closest to you. Simply click the link below to check out where our retail partners are located.

Our Strains

We at Sapphire Farms are not only dedicated to providing consumers with the highest quality of organic cannabis on the market, but we are also dedicated to growing our cannabis organically for the sake and future of our environment.

Our cultivators take great pride in growing a great selection of unique strains that produce a variety of aromas, flavors, and effects. To explore the strains we have available and see more detailed information about each, check out our Strain library on the link provided.

Reach out for more information about Sapphire Farms and our organic cannabis products!

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