Lemon Venom

Lemon Venom is an Indica-dominant hybrid that is a cross of Sensi Star, Big Bud, and Mega Lemon. This strain has a taste that is of sweet and sour citric zest contrasting with earthy, pine terpenes and an aroma that is tangy and packs a punch. Lemon Venom has the vibrant green color of a West African Mamba and her tight, golf ball size buds are just as deadly in their toxicity levels. Expect highly uplifting effects and a euphoric body relaxation — making this great for pain, nausea, & insomnia.

Strain: Indica-Dominant Hybrid
Lineage: Sensi Star x Big Bud x Mega Lemon
Flavor/Aroma: Sweet, Lemon, Earthy, Pine
Effects: Euphoric, Relaxed, Uplifted
Terpenes: β-Caryophyllene, Valencene, δ-Limonene, α-Humulene, β-Myrcene
Average THC Range: 20% – 27%

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